Monday, October 31, 2011

Poem against drunken driving

This is not a true occurrence. This did not happen, but it very easily might happen to anyone – if one drinks and drives. Nothing may happen to you, but something really bad may happen to someone totally innocent.
This is just my personal contribution against drinking and driving. I love driving and I love the occasional drink. But I urge everyone to be responsible and never mix the two.
Drink responsibly and drive responsibly, but never together.

Should Have Known Better and Taken The Taxi Home

I was in office having a regular day
And things went just the usual way
The quantum of work was a little more
The stress and strain left me sore

A long weekend was coming up
Three days to relax and put my feet up
What could be better, I thought
If only such bliss could often be bought

Hey, said a colleague, as I shut my laptop
How about a drink at the corner shop
A drink to celebrate today's highs
Or a drink to drown today's sighs

Don't mind, I said, but not too far
And not too much drink, I've to drive my car
We caught a friend of a similar mind
And off to the bar we went to unwind

But you know how it often is, don't you
When you go with friends for a drink or two
The drinks started coming straight from the drum
And I lost count after the fifth Beer and Rum

It was late by the time we did leave
Escorted out by the bouncer's hand on my sleeve
In a dangerous state when your thoughts wildly roam
I should have known better and taken the taxi home

But I said to myself, even if I stink
I'm not drunk, I can handle my drink
I could handle a car with my usual funk
Whether I was sober or was drunk

God, that was fun, I thought during the drive
Liquor is the elixir that makes you feel alive
And alive I felt as if I had unburdened a load
When I turned into the colony road

A distinct thump, my ear caught
A rock probably hit the car, I thought
I parked the car and I thanked HIM
For not being caught at a policeman's whim

I weaved along and climbed the stairs
Loudly muttering incomprehensible prayers
I entered my house and into my bed I curled
As I went to sleep, lost to the world

I woke to a sound, eyes bleary and blurred
Puked my guts and went to see what occurred
As I supported myself on the balcony railing
I could make out a distinct wailing

From the neighbor's house, the sound came
It's a real tragedy, I heard them exclaim
Such a young boy, he did not deserve this
Too young to die, to get death's kiss

Hit by a car, I heard someone say
Poor boy, in the bushes he lay
Weakly calling out to everybody
As both blood and life seeped out of his body

I answered the doorbell, thinking what the heck
A couple of policemen quickly grabbed my neck
And dragged me out telling everyone
He owns the car that struck your son

As I realized, my blood froze inside
I couldn't control myself and heard people deride
Drunk drivers should be hung, I heard someone foam
He should have known better and taken the taxi home

By Sudhir Kalyanikar

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