Friday, February 20, 2015

Currently Inked: Gama Airborne XT with Camel Violet and Gama Revolution with GZ Boss Chinese Ink

The first pen is the Gama Airborne XT with a Schmidt nib unit. It is inked with a Sudhir Kalyanikar special violet ink made by mixing two Camel Inks - so I call the ink Camel Violet.

The second pen is the Gama Revolution with a Jowo 1.1 mm stub nib. This is inked with a Chinese Blue-Black ink of the GZ Boss brand.

From what I could find, this ink is made by the Guizhou Boss Enterprise (Guiyang Boss Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.).

They make two types of inks - LaoBan & Yingkesi. Based on the description I found online, I believe this is the Yingkesi blue-black fragrant ink.

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