Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Pen Resources I Use Frequently

While other posts are still work-in-progress, I thought I would mention some excellent pen resources that I refer quite regularly.

You may have noticed the links on the right side of the post that take you to some pen sites and blogs. Here are some which are absolutely fantastic if, like me, you like fountain pens.

General Site:

Fountain Pen Network

By far, the best forum/site for FP knowledge. Do become a member (if you are not already) – it’s free. The forum topics are pretty well organized and I have generally found people on the forum to be extremely helpful, knowledgeable and quite disciplined. I have not really seen the kind of nasty or personal attacks that I have seen on other such sites. Well moderated and almost everybody contributes seriously. Use the “First Stop - Frequently Discussed Topics” section to start if you are a newbie or go directly to the “View New Content” link on the top right to jump right in and read. You may be surprised to see how many others have the same or similar thoughts, concerns, issues, likes and dislikes as you do…

I became a member and lurked for a long time before jumping in and posting. But, when I started, I was received very warmly and got very sound advice in response to my questions.

Some other sites/blogs give a ton of information and I would especially recommend the following:

Brian Goulet’s www.gouletpens.com site and his www.inknouveau.com blog.

Brian’s Ink Nouveau videos are available on his YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPdFDFTd6P1a__tAr8CrpCQ) and you can also subscribe to his Ink Nouveau Podcast to download and watch videos off-line. Travel was a real PITA till I started downloading and watching these podcast videos off-line…

Do visit the Swab Shop, Nib Nook, Pen Plaza and Fountain of Knowledge links on the www.gouletpens.com site. Very useful.

I should mention that in addition to his evangelism of fountain pens and related stuff, Brian also retails them.

Fountain Pen Geeks www.fpgeeks.com run by the geeks below.
Do visit this site for the Awesome Reviews, Hands-on Reviews, Inkcyclopedia and Forum links.

Oh yes, the Geeks are:

Managing Editor, co-founder: Daniel Smith
Co-founder: Eric Schneider
Ink Reviews Editor: Stephen BRE Brown
News & Reviews Writer: Azizah Asgarali
Cartoonist Laureate: Tim Hofmann

The YouTube Channel of Stephen BRE Brown – one of the geeks mentioned above – (http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeWDDbfQxKv0Cgq_UNpwYpA) is my go to resource to check out pen and ink reviews. In fact, I make it a point to watch his videos before I spend on pens or inks and his reviews are rock solid.

Azizah Asgarali – another of the Geeks mentioned above blogs at www.gourmetpens.com and that is another site I check out quite often.

Ivan aka The Fountain Pen Sith Lord blogs at inktronics.wordpress.com and has very good reviews.

Ken Cavers Custom Pens blog kcavers.blogspot.ca is Fountain Pen eye-candy…

And there are a lot of other blogs I keep reading off and on. This is by no means an exhaustive list, nor is it a complete one. These are just some sites I naturally gravitate to when I open my browser.

Also, in alphabetical order, here is the list of links that appears on my Feedly (RSS) page and in my desktop RSS reader.

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