Sunday, October 27, 2013

Some photos of pens used during my school days

I have been meaning to put this up for sometime now, Here are some photos of pens I used during my school days.

From L to R: Wing Sung Fountain Pen + Ball-point pen combo, Hero Aerometric (China Pen), Unnamed (probably a Chelpark), Myawadi (my first Cartridge/Converter), Armour with hooded nib, Reymand

Hero Aerometric (China pen)

Wing Sung Fountain Pen + Ballpoint Pen combo

Myawadi Cartridge/Converter

Unnamed - probably Chelpark from the "C" in the nib. 
Yes, those are teeth marks - those were the days before I knew of section pliers or silicone grease. Had to use my teeth! 

Armour pen with Hooded Nib

You can see the tines have separated due to amateur, unnecessary flossing using razor blades and anything else that I could use - when the pen would not write. Of course, I could have just cleaned it, but who uses such a simple solution to such a complicated problem. 

Reymand pen - local Indian make. Again, you can see the light through the tines.


  1. Dear Sudhir...didn't we all bite our FP sections and blade our nibs...ha ha got a nice blog on fountain pens going, mate...keep posting...



  2. Hi Jai,

    Thanks for your encouragement. I do mean to keep this going. My next post is WIP and is about the pens I used through college and early work days.