Monday, April 28, 2014

Guider Nano - A Very Small but Funtional FP

I have been meaning to get some celluloid pens from Guider Pen Works of Rajamundhry, India. I finally ordered and got these a few days back. However, this post is not about celluloid pens, but about a nice surprise I got. I ordered 2 celluloid pens and just for fun, I also ordered a Guider Baby pen in Yellow Acrylic. Expecting 3 pens in the box, imagine my surprise when out fell a fourth pen. At first, I was not even sure it was a pen because it was so TINY. But further examination revealed that not only was it a fountain pen, it was a fully functional eyedropper with a pretty good nib.

I have named this pen the Guider Nano (for want of anything more creative) and here are some pics and comparisons with other small pens I have. 

Please excuse the picture quality - I had to make do with very average lighting.

So, here is the Guider Nano with some of its contemporaries. From Top to Bottom Kaweco Sport, Guider Baby Acrylic, Guider Nano, Deccan Lilliput.


By itself, the pen looks pretty good.



Some measurements to give an idea of how these compare. Please take these as ballpark figures. I have tried my best to be accurate with the tools I have, but YMMV, so please excuse me in advance if someone has other figures. Though I think they should be in a similar range.

Kaweco Sport: Length Capped = 106.1 mm. Weight Un-inked 13.00 gms (with the clip)
Deccan Lilliput: Length Capped = 110.5 mm. Weight Un-inked 13.90 gms
Guider Baby Acrylic: Length Capped = 103.6 mm. Weight Un-inked 11.29 gms

Guider Nano: Length Capped = 78.5 mm. Weight Un-inked 4.71 gms

As you can see, it is a really tiny pen.

Kaweco Sport



Deccan Lilliput



Guider Baby Acrylic



Here is the Guider Nano:



Then, just for fun, I decided to compare this pen to two absolutely huge pens - The Varuna Gajendra and the Gama Supreme White Acrylic.

Measurements. The Gama and Varuna lengths were visually taken with a plastic scale as the sizes were beyond the scope of my callipers.

Gama Supreme Acrylic: Length Capped = 164 mm. Weight Un-inked 40.08 gms
Varuna Gajendra: Length Capped = 178 mm. Weight Un-inked 41.02 gms




I must really thank Shri Lakshmana Rao of Guider pens for sending me this tiny, but unique surprise package. In my experience, this is the tiniest functioning pen that I have seen and used.

I would love to hear from others about such tiny pens. Has anyone else used such a tiny pen, or maybe something even tinier?

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed posting it.


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