Monday, April 28, 2014

My thoughts on voting... and making a difference

It a personal choice, MY choice, of course, whether to vote or not. And this is not about whether I voted or did not (just for the record, I did vote). But it is sad to see many people not willing to believe that things can change and that one vote (even if it says NOTA - None Of The Above) can make a statement.

Reminds me of something I learnt a long time ago - in college. I was (kind of) a cricket player in college. I did not have much talent and I was as reluctant to work hard then as I am now. I did not see the point in turning up for practise as I did not see myself making it big in cricket. I would always tell my coach that if I could not be a very good cricketer, I did not see the need to practise. Logical, right?

But my coach told me that it was about contributing to the team, not becoming Kapil Dev (yeah, it was that long ago). His message was, get up, turn up and play the best you can - one day, it will make a difference. Transforming from a middling cricketer to one who could (occasionally) contribute to the team required practise; and the the most difficult part was just turning up for practise. All the way across town to report at 7 AM for cricket practise meant waking up at 4:30 AM to catch a train at 5:30 AM. Requires effort and conviction. Once you nail that, a lot of work is done.

It is not always about changing the world or making a ding in the universe. Sometimes, it is about turning up and doing the best you can. "Just turn up and contribute to the team" was a powerful message that has stayed with me.

So, to all of those who turned up to vote, I am sure that like me, you also believe things can change. And we can change them... eventually. Thank you.

And to all those who did not vote, I hope you had a good time nevertheless doing whatever makes you happy!

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